Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique is where deep pressure is applied deep within the body’s muscles and connective tissue. Deep tissue massage requires the use of long slow strokes and most notably finger pressure.

Deep tissue massage will be specific to an area that is causing the most discomfort to an individual. The most common areas to be treated by deep tissue massage are the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs. However, deep tissue massage can be applied to the arms in instances of golfers or tennis elbow, and to the feet if it is suspected an individual is suffering from the condition plantar fasciitis. By applying the extra pressure muscle soreness can be reduced, and any imbalance caused by muscle tension can be corrected. If a person is suffering with stress, anxiety or regular headaches a deep tissue massage will help to release any tension that is being held by your body.

The main benefits of receiving a deep tissue massage include a decrease in pain levels experienced by the client, healing, lowering blood pressure, enhanced flexibility, relaxation, breaking down scar tissue and very important a better nights sleep.

To reap the benefits of deep tissue, massage an individual is at an advantage having a series of treatments over a period of time. However, this is not to say an individual cannot have a one-off treatment to assist with a tight knotted shoulder.

After a deep tissue massage an individual can expect to feel a little sore from the muscles being worked, but this will subside in a couple of days and the benefits will start to come through.